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English Biscuits Manufacturers Pvt Ltd EBM Jobs HR Officer (Operations)

  English Biscuits Manufacturers Pvt Ltd EBM Jobs HR Officer (Operations)

We are hiring!

Position: HR Officer (Operations)

Location: Karachi

Department: Human Resources

Qualification: BBA/MBA

Experience: At least 3 years of relevant work experience, FMCG preferred

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Ensure that quotations are obtained from three vendors for major works of vehicle. Doing price comparison and selecting the one with best service

• Create CAPEX of vehicles for new joiners as per grade entitlement and seek approval from MD & DMD for payment to finance

• Manage car maintenance claims of all employees through vehicle maintenance system in SAP  

• Intimate insurance claims for body repair of vehicles through approved insurance vendor and non-approved vendor amount  are reimbursed timely through insurance company. Third party coverage also

• Ensure car maintenance at first 1000 km and then every 5000 km for periodic maintenance and at 15000 km for kilometer inspection 

• Coordinate with the CBT department for the delivery order of new vehicles and revert their original files after receiving from excise 

• Ensure the maintenance process is carried out properly on SAP and notifications are generated from user and work order are generated after one day from PR, PO, SES and the issues are resolved within the designated time 

• Coordinate and negotiate with automobile dealers for purchasing and maintenance of the vehicle parts which are sent for major repairs 

• Ensure that all the relevant and required documents of vehicles are filed and receive driving license before issuing of vehicle to the new hires

• Negotiate with car dealers for cash discount on new vehicles as a benefit for the company and car accessories like seat covers etc. for new employees

• Manage and ensure that repair and maintenance job is carried out  as per work order without any inconvenience to employees 

• Aligning with car dealer for receiving of invoice and forwarding to EBM vendor for registration of vehicle and at the same time intimating insurance company for hold cover of vehicle and then apply for DO to bank 

• Give vehicle receiving to car dealers and ensure all the required documents (delivery order, authority letter bank & EBM, hold cover, invoices, and insurance of vehicle) are given to employees covering all legal requirements

• Prepare master record of vehicles and provide data to finance with market value for insurance renewal on yearly basis.

• Intimate claims of theft and third party. And act as a bridge between employee and insurance company

• Ensure invoicing related to vehicle repairs is updated and recorded on SAP (complete process from PR to SES) and manual document and invoice verification too

• Manage fuel account for all entitled EBM employees and provide them with the best service as per their designated grades

• Manage card limits of all entitled employees and facilitate them in case of any issues highlighted and resolve them timely

• Strategize packages with Mobilink and get best packages and discounts for employees

For Apply Send CV at career@ebm.com.pk

English Biscuits Manufacturers Pvt Ltd EBM Jobs HR Officer (Operations)
English Biscuits Manufacturers Pvt Ltd EBM Jobs HR Officer (Operations)

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